Two creative spirits, one Island.
Antonio Marras was born in Alghero, Sardinia, a land that left its mark on his stylistic cipher, with a double soul: the cultural one – the designer has always been interested in every form of artistic-creative expression – and the more “technical” one, based on in-depth knowledge of materials and shapes.

Some key elements of his style are his focus on artisanship, Sardinia as a genuine source of inspiration - that is never merely folkloristic - and the “ligazzio rubio” (in Sardinian, the red string), which becomes the trademark of his style, a genuine “fil rouge”.
“With Sella & Mosca we share a love for Alghero. We share the aromas of myrtle and strawflower, ambat, the mistral, the sea, the dark shades of the olive groves and the reddish ones of the vineyards”
Antonio Marras
“We are proud and excited about this collaboration, strongly wanted for telling the identity of a land which we have chosen to dedicate ourselves to, with love and respect. With Sella & Mosca + Antonio Marras project we’ve also wanted to bring an important expertise of Terra Moretti group, producing the first Classic Method from Torbato grapes.”
Francesca Moretti, CEO of Sella & Mosca
Four new labels, four new stories of local identity.
Sella & Mosca invited Antonio Marras to design the labels of four new wines made from the winery’s most representative varietals.

The designer not only created the illustrations for the four wines, but wove a powerful story around them, a story of genuine bonds, values and the land, evoking the magical atmosphere of Saint John's eve to begin the tale of his protagonists.
Alghero Torbato Spumante BRUT Metodo Classico
Born in Ittiri, Oscarì is an elegant Algherian, a bit of a dandy, an effervescent fop. He has lived in Paris and has returned to Alghero for Saint John's eve.
Vermentino di Sardegna
The Ambat twins are sailors from Alghero who are familiar with the sea, the winds and the tempests that catch the city by surprise, even in midsummer.
Alghero Torbato
Catore is a boxer from Villanova. His nickname is the combination of the names of two celebrated boxers: Cassius Clay, American, and Tore Burruni, from Alghero, who won the world flyweight championship half a century ago.
Cannonau di Sardegna
Mustazzo was born in Mamoiada. He has a black mustache and the soul of a “defiant outlaw”, and he is wrapped in an aura of mystery, with a piercing gaze that can be mesmerizing.
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Sella&Mosca by Terra Moretti Vino
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