Alghero Rosato DOC
Anemone is an up-to-date and youthful interpretation of rosé wine. The brief contact of the must with the skins allows a minimal release of the colouring and tannic components and thus produces a light red must with good acidity, which develops a broad and captivating array of aromas during fermentation. The colour is soft, delicate, with various tones.
  • Grape variety
    Native grape varieties
  • Position
  • Pale pink
  • Cherry red
  • Claret pink
It is plush, fresh, varied and captivating on the nose, where the aromas blend to form an exuberant bouquet. The main floral note is violet, the fruity one cherry.
Elegant while still lively, it is a relaxed, care-free, easy-drinking wine. It is ideal as an aperitif as well as an excellent pairing with light first courses, white meats and vegetables.
Made by Today
Sella&Mosca by Terra Moretti Vino
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